Venison Stew (500g)
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Venison Stew (500g)

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A South African specialty, venison is growing in popularity throughout South Africa, and one of our favourite ways to enjoy it is slow-simmered in a stew for the ultimate tenderness.

Our Venison Stew Meat is cut primarily from the shoulder/neck area (though may include other cuts), from muscles that are tough and sinewy but also packed with flavour and juiciness. Diced into inch-thick pieces, game stew meat can be slow-cooked in stews, chilis, curries and other recipes, so they tenderise and unleash their deliciously robust venison flavour throughout the dish. As well as offering unique flavour and texture, venison is an excellent source of protein and immune-boosting vitamins and minerals, and is low in fat, making it a healthier choice than other red meats. So fire up the crockpot and dig in!

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