Support our Family Farmers

Farming and agriculture are the backbone of our society. Without farmers, we wouldn’t have access to food and other basic necessities. Take a moment to really appreciate this profession and all the hard work and dedication the farm life requires. As the population continues to grow, the workload of farmers also expands.

Through the stories we will bring to you will make you respect the daily challenges that goes into every harvest.

Thanks to our farmers, we can eat a wide range of meat, fruits and vegetables all year round. The bountiful harvest of the farmlands sustains us all. By sharing some insights of the farmers that is working the land we hope to inspire you , friends and family.

These stories of our farmers of can help motivate you if you ever feel like giving up. In both farming and life, hard work and perseverance always pays off.

A kitchen is a centre for conversation and a cozy gathering place for all. At Farm-to-Plate we want to offer you such a kitchen where you can feel at home. We want this platform to be convenient and effortless.

We focus on whole-food products from local farmers. We are adamant about sourcing only the best-quality ingredients, products and goodness from farmers and other purveyors in South Africa. Our meat and produce / products come from South African farmers we know and trust.

Farm-to-Plate provides customers with products directly from the farm to your plate – through a convenient home delivery service.We bring the farm to your doorstep.

On various occasions throughout the year we will visit our farmers and suppliers on their farms in and around Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Bedford, Bloemfontein, Koppies, The Overberg, Polokwane, , The Swartland and Carnavon. We will get to know our farmers better and offer a glimpse into their world. Please contact us if you want us to visit you as a farmer / supplier.