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Farmer/ Hunter Chris Culbert from "Die Boskantoor"

15 Sep , 2021

Chris invited me on a Wednesday morning over to his office “Die Boskantoor”. I was a bit confused when he send me the location pin. It was somewhere in a veld.

I have had the privilege to meet great people, people of the earth, in my quest for finding farmers and their stories. Chris is also one of the those people that will always catch your eye when he walks into a space. The warm smile and down to earth personality lightens up our conversation.

The passion for what he does is so contagious. The love for the bushveld is so prevalent. Listening while he talks I recall Jan Smuts comment :” The bushveld is a place where the human element indeed shrinks into utter insignificance, and grips you and subdues you and makes you one with yourself.

Chris believes that South African venison is an excellent substitute for other red meat.

Chris makes a valid point that animals roam freely in their natural habitat. Venison is not genetically modified and is free of synthetic hormones and the influence of pollution, making it a natural and healthy product. Venison has optimal nutritional value, with minimum fat, cholesterol, or kilojoules, and is packed with essential protein.

Chris is quick to mention that although venison is perceived as being tough and dry, as well as time-consuming to prepare. He feels this is due to a lack of knowledge. Chris believes that with our “Farm-to-Plate”-venison recipes every cook’s dream of preparing healthy and interesting venison dishes for family and friends is within reach.

Each meal can become a healthy, hassle-free, and exciting festival table to make all your friends jealous by applying the information for various cuts, marinades and accompanying dishes.

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